Descanse en paz Gabriel García Márquez pero siempre vivirás en cada una de tus obras :’) <3 gracias :) 


Descanse en paz Gabriel García Márquez pero siempre vivirás en cada una de tus obras :’) <3 gracias :) 

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Hi again Tumblr!

I want to thank everyone who helped spread my post from the other day.

I’m still looking for a new home for Henry.


Many have pointed out that what my current landlady is doing is illegal, and still that hasn’t stopped her from putting her house on the market. My cats and I are in the way of the renovation crew and with an open house slated in the near future, I have no choice but to move out before the end of the month.

Even if I were to pursue action against her, she’s already inviolation with the city’s zoning for modifying her residence into an unregistered rooming house. I wouldn’t be able to stay in either case, which still means I have one too many cats to take with me to the new place (which at a stretch is borderline unregistered rooming house/inlaw suite, probably is in violation of a few building codes, but is the best that I can find given my severely limited budget courtesy of the ODSP).

Being unable to count on an acquaintance’s promise to help out since he is not taking my calls, I was forced to rely on my landlady’s friends in the business and will be moving out this Friday (tomorrow).

Henry’s an indoor cat (he’s petrified of the outdoors), but he’s so loveable and affectionate. The best part is being the snuggle buddy during the cold winters. After being out all day, he doesn’t get mad and ignores his owner- he’s more of a ‘omg I thought you left me I’m not letting you out of my sight again’ mindset. He’s not finicky about food, in fact, he could be a bit overeager when it comes to meals. He quickly overcomes any shyness when strangers come by- he’s even gone as far as wanting a good petting session when I had a repairman over to hook up the cable connection.

Since I will be sharing the new address with other people, I had to beg the new landlady to allow me to bring one cat with me. I definitely did not feel confident I could convince her into allowing two when she had to be talked out of ‘absolutely no pets’. This place I finally settled upon after 8 days of searching, visiting 4-5 places every day.

Please, please, Tumblr I need your help finding Henry a good home that will take care of him. I’d rather not let him go, but it’s so hard finding a place to begin with, and has proven to be an arduous task (considering that I had just gone through this ordeal about 10 months ago and thought finding this place was a blessing after having looked at about 30-40 places). He’s got so much love in him, I want to find a home where he’ll be just as loved.

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'Things That Make Me SMILE': Criminal Minds star Matthew Gray Gubler shares what simple pleasures get him grinning


Posted by Mona Buehler

1. Peter Pan’s Flight ride at Disneyland. I’m still not convinced you aren’t actually flying over London.


2. Bathtubs. I do 85 percent of my best thinking in the tub.image


3. Old people in love. Makes my heart go pitter-patter.


4. Raccoons. They somehow manage to be simultaneously adorable and ferocious, something that’s not easy to pull off.


5. Charles Bukowski books. I don’t know why but this grumpy drunk’s writing always puts a big grin on my face.


6. The idea of finding a buried treasure map. I haven’t found one yet but am always on the lookout. I love adventure!


7. Silent Movies. Anything from Buster Keaton or the German Expressionists.


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Hey Tumblr!

I am in a bit of a quandry and need your help.

On April 5th, my landlady informed me that I need to move out asap as she is selling the house.

I had just found one that fits most of my criteria (size, location, access to transit, the space for my mom to move in at a later date), but I’m only allowed to have one cat. I currently have two.

Now I’m being asked to move by the 17th (this Thursday), and the landlady’s offering to get her mover friends to haul my stuff to the new place for half price discount just to get out of here. Not entirely sure the new landlady can let me move that soon, but I still have one too many cats for her liking. (My mom pressuring me into accepting the moving help is piling on additional stress to what I gotta deal with in this whole situation)

I have looked into shelters and rescue agencies in my area but they are either not accepting surrenders/filled to capacity.

It’s hard enough to have to find a new home for Henry, as I don’t want to give him up, nor do I want to separate him from my other cat, Sebastian.

Henry at a few months old:


Henry at a year old:


Lousy webcam photo taken last year:


I adopted Henry when his first owner (an acquaintance of mine) couldn’t care for the spunky and affectionate kitty, and have had him for about five years. He does well enough on his own, though he isn’t shy about wanting affection. He quickly warms up to visitng strangers.

We live in the east end of Toronto, and I want to do what I can to make the transition easy on Henry.

If you are thinking of owning a kitty or know of someone who might, and live in the Greater Toronto Area, please consider adopting Henry? Or even just pass this post along to someone who might be interested in the joys of feline companionship?

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Anonymous said:
Where do you watch cm at? I missed blood relations  

Hi! I download the episodes, but you can try this site :

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Joe Mategna, Shemar Moore and Matthew Gray Gubler invites you to participate in a charity event:

On Saturday, May 31, the students, staff and coaches of Rancho Bernardo High School will team up with the community of Rancho Bernardo and Team Red, White, and Blue for a 12-hour relay. Team RWB is a national organization whose mission is to enrich the lives of American veterans by connecting them to their community through physical and social activity. Learn more at (vid)

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Team RWB—Rancho Bernardo High School 12 Hour Relay Race

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Anonymous said:
What did you think of CM tonight?  

Hi! I just watched it.

Read More

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LOS ANGELES, CA - APRIL 02: Actors Matthew Gray Gubler and Dianna Agron attend the Vogue &#8216;Jean Stories&#8217; dinner hosted by Sally Singer, Lisa Love, Greg Chait, Jennifer Meyer &amp; Scott Sternberg at A.O.C.

LOS ANGELES, CA - APRIL 02: Actors Matthew Gray Gubler and Dianna Agron attend the Vogue ‘Jean Stories’ dinner hosted by Sally Singer, Lisa Love, Greg Chait, Jennifer Meyer & Scott Sternberg at A.O.C.

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Matthew Gray Gubler Directs: Criminal Minds-“Blood relations”

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